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"I approached Keith Aubrey and Piotr Obal to undertake a piece of work for Greenwich Day Services for people with learning disabilities. We were looking at undertaking major service changes and looking at ways to communicate the changes in a visual way to people who use our service.

We wanted an accessible DVD which we could use as part of a rolling programme of consultation sessions. Keith and Piotr understood exactly what we were looking for and set about filming and compiling a DVD to show to people to help them understand what changes we were making and how they could choose to do different things with their days if they wanted to.

We were difficult customers and wanted changes and edits continuously. Keith and Piotr were responsive and flexible and could not have been more helpful every step of the way. Their experience of making communication accessible for people with a learning disability is clear and we are very happy with the final product."

Claire Monmirelle Day Services Manager, London Borough of Greenwich

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Piotr Obal

We can produce your films working with an experienced film maker and offering support in scripting, training, editing, soundtrack and promotion.

We work with Piotr Obal, experienced film maker, editor and video facilitator.

Piotr has broadcast credits with ITV, BBC1, BBC3, CANAL+ and many other TV channels.

Piotr and Keith worked together in a video for Greenwich Council Day Services, producing videos at Working with Words with people with learning disabilities and creative music videos.

We can offer you:

We offer support with scripting your film. We have skills in creating accessible information - making sure that your film can be enjoyed by the widest audience
We offer film workshops to your service users/clients in making the video so that people learn new skills and gain confidence while helping to produce your video. Piotr, Linda and Keith are all experienced facilitators
We use HD video or DSLR HD and high quality sound recording equipment
Editing your film
We can professionally edit your film using Final Cut Pro giving you the opportunity to view rushes, pre-edits and final edits online
We can record and edit a professional voiceover for your film
Original music
We can write, record and edit original music for your film
Sound mixing
We can layer your video soundtrack with dialogue, sound effects, voiceovers and original music using professional multitrack audio software - Cubase, Wavelab and Final Cut Pro
Final format
We can provide your video in a variety of formats: online video, DVD or Blu-ray
Promotional materials
We offer leaflets, booklets, DVD or Blu-ray inserts, audio promotions and trailers.

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