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Music and Production

  • As vocalists, musicians, producers and facilitators: Linda and Keith have worked on hundreds of tracks.
  • We have produced music for live and street performance, art installation, theatre, video, radio and advertising. This has been for solo and group recording, arts organizations and training courses.
  • We have worked with community projects and on large-scale live performances, music for film and video.
  • As vocalist with Loop Guru, Linda has appeared live, on TV and radio in Europe, USA and Canada.
  • She appeared on the Loop Guru albums Amrita and Loop bites Dog.
  • She co-write and sang on the Slipper albums Invisible Movies and Zoon Sandwich
  • She provided vocals on Loungeclash album and single Just Lik This.


  • We compose and mix original music - for film, the web and performance
  • We can synchronize music to your visuals - adding sound effects, musical fades etc.
  • The rate for use of previously recorded music in video production or performance is negotiable. We can provide previously recorded music free for selected charities or community projects.
  • We operate a community-conscious pricing structure and will on occasions donate music to not for profit for free.
  • Our music needs to be fully credited.
  • Contact us with your needs and budget.

Excerpts of music

  • This track contains short extracts of our music. Each extract is taken from a complete piece of music.
  • Each piece can be used as it is, can be repurposed/remixed or can be a starting point for a new piece of music.
  • Composed, performed and produced by Keith Aubrey and Linda Conboy.
    All tracks © Keith Aubrey and Linda Conboy.

Photography: Ava Bellamore Media, Linda Conboy

Recording and mixing

  • We can master your tracks - enhancing the sound and increasing loudness and clarity.
  • We can sequence your tracks (including fades, track spacing and changes for level consistency) and prepare them for CD burning. We can burn you small runs of CD's or prepare a CD master ready for duplication
  • We also record, edit and master audio and video soundtracks - mixing commentary, music and sound effects.
  • We can optimise your music for the web and upload these to your web site or YouTube.
  • We can add audio to the site to add accessibility for people who find it hard to read. This means that your information will be available to the maximum number of site visitors.

Equipment and Software

  • For recording and mixing, we use Steinberg Cubase 9.5 and Wavelab 9.5, as well as virtual instruments and effects such as Omnisphere 2, Sampletank 3, Kontakt 5, Halion, Stylus RMX, Amplitube 4, Slate Everything Bundle and T-Racks.
  • We have a range of plug-ins to obtain professional sounds - valve and tape emulation, professional reverbs and delays, classic EQ and enhancement tools.
  • We have professional microphones, monitors and audio interfaces.

Customer comments

"Keith has an impressive record as a guitarist, songwriter, instrumentalist and composer. His range and knowledge of musical genres is vast and his ability to collaborate with a diverse group of people to bring about something fresh and original always impresses me.

He knows his way around studio technology whether it is cutting edge musical software or the more traditional methods of studio technology. His ability to work with others in a sensitive and nurturing way means that whether the project is film, theatre or record - he gives his all and brings out the best from musicians and performers while staying attuned to the needs of the project."

Paul Golding
Owner, This Digital Chamber Music Company
Portland, Maine, USA

"Keith apart of being an extremely versatile musician with his 'Otherness' projects is an experienced composer/music producer delivering music and sound editing for films and video in a wide range of genres (film /drama, educational and community).

I've work with Keith on several projects where his music productions were always excellent!"

Piotr Obal
Film maker, editor and facilitator

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